• All times are given in China (UTC+8).
  • Keynote/Tech. S1 S2 S3 S4 S6 - Lecture Hall C.
  • Art S1 S2 S3/Tech. S5 S7 - E1-101.
  • Exhibition tour/Panel - CMA Lab (E2, 3rd Floor).
TimeFriday 22Saturday 23Sunday 24
Morning 8:30 ReceptionOpening
9:00 Keynote 1Keynote 3
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 Tech. S1Art S1Tech. S3Art S3
Midday 11:50 Lunch
Afternoon 13:30 Keynote 2Tech. S4Tech. S5
14:30 Coffee Break
14:50 PanelTech. S2Art S2Tech. S6Tech. S7
16:20 Exhibition tourClosing
Evening 18:30 Banquet
Friday / September 22, 2023 / Day One
Saturday / September 23, 2023 / Day Two
08:30-9:00Opening of VINCI 2023
09:00-10:00Keynote Talk 1Lecture Hall C
KNVisual Communication: Tools, Domain Motivation, and Citizen Responsibility
Prof. Dr. Baoquan Chen
10:00-10:20Coffee Break
10:20-11:50Tech. Paper Session 1: Visual CommunicationLecture Hall CSession Chair: Lingyun Yu
  • FP The Landscape of Visual Information Communication and Interaction Research
    Gonzalo Gabriel Méndez, Oscar Moreno and Patricio Mendoza
  • FP Storytelling in Frozen Frontier: Exploring Graphic-Based Approach for Creating Interactive Story Maps in Antarctica
    Liangwei Wang, Zhan Wang, Xi Zhao and Wei Zeng
  • SP EmotionVis: Affective Visualization with Physical Devices
    Xinyi Huang, Yu Liu and Lingyun Yu
  • SP FitYou: A Personalized Dashboard for Health Data
    Michael Burch, Alexander van Schie, Giada Zacheo, Amina Buzimkic, Andreas la Roi and Yves Staudt
10:20-11:50Art Paper Session 1: Cultural Heritage and Soft DataficationE1-101Session Chair: Rual Masu
  • FP Naturality: A Natural Reflection of Chinese Calligraphy
    Bingyuan Wang, Kang Zhang and Zeyu Wang
  • FP A Study of the Fractal Design of Decorative Patterns in Chaoshan Drawnwork: An Illustration of the Julia Set
    Jiajun Chen and Ya Zhang
  • SP Calligraphy to Image
    Haichuan Lin
11:50-13:30Lunch Break
13:30-14:30Keynote Talk 2Lecture Hall C
KNAI for Good: using a social humanoid robot to improve quality of life
Prof. Dr. Nadia Magnenat Thalmann
14:30-14:50Coffee Break
14:50-16:20Tech. Paper Session 2: Visual AnalyticsLecture Hall CSession Chair: Chongke Bi
  • FP Visual Analysis of Air Pollutant Propagation Path and Pollution Source
    Yan Hao, Chongke Bi, Lu Yang, Xiaobin Qiu, Yunlong Li and Ce Yu
  • SP Does Where You are Matter? A Visual Analytics System for COVID-19 Transmission Based on Social Hierarchical Perspective
    Jianing Hao, Xibin Jiang, Qing Shi and Wei Zeng
  • SP A Visual Analytic System for Ranking Multi-attribute Data Using Multi-level Pareto Frontier
    Sihan Pan and Jun Tao
  • SP Metaphor Design of Dockless Bike-sharing Based on Spatio-temporal Geographic Data
    Kelin Li, Hong Yin, Dong Li, Kang Zhang and Changbo Wang
14:50-16:20Art Paper Session 2: Art Museums and Audience InteractionE1-101Session Chair: Varvara Guljajeva
  • FP Visual exploration of color usage in Vincent van Gogh’s Paintings
    Xinyi Ding, Yejuan Xie, Jielin Jing, Fei Du and Chengtao Ji
  • FP Quantifying Collection Lag in European Modern and Contemporary Art Museums
    Mar Canet Sola, Antonina Korepanova, Ksenia Mukhina and Maximilian Schich
  • SP The Viewer as a Source of the Artwork
    Raivo Kelomees
  • SP MOONMENT: Designing Gesture-based Interaction with Acousto-Optic Feedbacks
    Jiayi Yao and Liang Tan
16:20-16:50Exhibition tourCMA Lab (E2, 3rd Floor)
Sunday / September 24, 2023 / Day Three
09:00-10:00 Keynote Talk 3Lecture Hall C
KNTransdisciplinary experiences in Data Visualization and beyond
Prof. Dr. Doris Kosminsky
10:00-10:20Coffee Break
10:20-11:50Tech. Paper Session 3: Perception and DesignLecture Hall CSession Chair: Rongrong Chen
  • FP Kandinsky’s Color-Shape Associations in Chinese Context: Do Personality and Affect Matter?
    Zixu Gong, Kang Zhang and Rongrong Chen
  • FP Individual Visual Working Memory Capacity Affects Aesthetic Appreciation of Chinese Ink Painting
    Dingning Long, Rongrong Chen
  • SP An Interactive System Design Based on Biofeedback and Breathing Exercise
    Xueying Wen and Liang Tan
  • SP Visual Analytics of the Effect of Age on the Spatial Learning Capabilities of Sleep-Deprived Drosophila
    Kevin Zhao, Dina Ellsworth and Craig Queenan
10:20-11:50Art Paper Session 3: Extended CinemaE1-101Session Chair: Zeyu Wang
  • FP Urban Symphony: An AI and Data-Driven Approach to Real-Time Animation for Public Digital Art
    Rungu Lin, Yongen Ke and Kang Zhang
  • FP Simonstown: An AI-facilitated Interactive Story of Love, Life, and Pandemic
    Bingyuan Wang, Pinxi Zhu, Hao Li, David Kei-Man Yip and Zeyu Wang
  • SP Anticipating 2020s: Deep Learning Methods for Generating Videos from Found Footage Toward a Database Aesthetic
    Amalia Foka
  • SP From Expanded Cinema to Extended Reality: How AI Can Expand and Extend Cinematic Experiences
    Junrong Song, Bingyuan Wang, Zeyu Wang and David Kei-Man Yip
11:50-13:30Lunch Break
13:30-14:30Tech. Paper Session 4: Extended RealityLecture Hall CSession Chair: Qian Zhu
  • FP Development of an immersive simulator for improving student chemistry learning efficiency
    Shan Jin, Yuyang Wang, Lik-Hang Lee, Xinyi Luo and Pan Hui
  • FP PMM: A Smart Shopping Guider Based on Mobile AR
    Jiahao Han, Zhifei Ding, Yuxuan Chen, Lingxin Yu, Siru Chen and Richen Liu
  • FP Work vs. Leisure – Differences in Avatar Characteristics Depending on Social Situations
    Natalie Hube, Melissa Reinelt, Kresimir Vidackovic and Michael Sedlmair
  • SP LOOP Meditation: Enhancing Novice's VR Meditation Experience with Physical Movement
    Shihan Fu, Liangliang Qiang and Wei Zeng
13:30-14:30Tech. Paper Session 5: FinanceE1-101Session Chair: Chenhui Li
  • FP NFTeller: Dual-centric Visual Analytics for Assessing Market Performance of NFT Collectibles
    Yifan Cao, Meng Xia, Kento Shigyo, Furui Cheng, Qianhang Yu, Xingxing Yang, Wei Zeng, Yang Wang and Huamin Qu
  • FP Visual Analytics for Phishing Scam Identification in Blockchain Transactions with Multiple Model Comparison
    Jiaqi Dong, Zishu Qin, Zhou Fang, Xuan Chen, Zengfeng Huang, Haoyun Guo, Richen Liu, Cagatay Turkay and Siming Chen
  • SP BiverWordle: Visualizing Stock Market Sentiment with Financial Text Data and Trends
    Lei Xia, Yi-Ping Gao, Le Lin, Yu-Xi Chen and Kang Zhang
  • SP Explore, Compare, and Predict Investment Opportunities through What-If Analysis: US Housing Market Investigation
    Hongruyu Chen, Fernando Gonzalez, Oto Mraz, Sophia Kuhn, Cristina Guzman and Mennatallah El-Assady
14:30-14:50Coffee Break
14:50-16:20Tech. Paper Session 6: Aesthetics and ArtLecture Hall CSession Chair: Bin Jiang
  • FP Interplay between Spatial Ability and Visual Complexity in the Aesthetic Appreciation of Landscape Paintings
    Kunlin Jin, Rongrong Chen
  • FP OdorV-Art: An Initial Exploration of An Olfactory Intervention for Appreciating Style Information of Artworks in Virtual Museum
    Shumeng Zhang, Ziyan Wang, You Zhou, Hao Cui, Shihan Fu, Zeyu Wang and Mingming Fan
  • FP The Rich, the Poor, and the Ugly: An Aesthetic-Perspective Assessment of NFT Values
    Yihan Chen, Yilin Ye and Wei Zeng
  • SP Collection Space Navigator: An Interactive Visualization Interface for Multidimensional Datasets
    Tillmann Ohm, Mar Canet Sola, Andres Karjus and Maximilian Schich
14:50-16:20 Tech. Paper Session 7: Machine Learning and VisualizationE1-101Session Chair: Jie Li
  • FP Visual Analysis of Scene-Graph-Based Visual Question Answering
    Noel Schäfer, Sebastian Künzel, Tanja Munz-Körner, Pascal Tilli, Sandeep Vidyapu, Ngoc Thang Vu and Daniel Weiskopf
  • FP Graph-based Latent Space Traversal for New Molecules Discovery
    Yang Zhang, Jie Li and Chao Xu
  • FP Enhancing Visual Understanding by Removing Dithering with Global and Self-Conditioned Transformation
    Yifei Huang, Chenhui Li, Risheng Liu, Tianyi Liang and Changbo Wang
  • SP Visual Analysis of DDPG Models by Exploring the Space of Experience
    Huixue Wang, Yunzhe Wang, You Lu, Qiming Fu and Jianping Chen
16:20-16:50Closing and VINCI 2024

h2-logoPresentation Times

The following presentation times apply to the different paper types:

Presentation TimeQuestions
FP / Full Paper20 Minutes 5 Minutes
SP/ Short Paper15 Minutes 5 Minutes
KN/ Keynote45 Minutes15 Minutes